Monday, August 31, 2009

Rangers = Doughnut

John Kreiser at looks at the key questions for Eastern Conference teams and compares the Rangers to a doughnut...

New York Rangers -
What do the Rangers and the doughnuts at Tim Horton's (a new arrival in the Big Apple) have in common? A hole in the middle -- in the Rangers' case, that means the absence of a No. 1 center. With Scott Gomez gone to Montreal and high-scoring but oft-injured winger Marian Gaborik signed from Minnesota, the Rangers now have a winger who can put the puck in the net but no one who resembles a No. 1 center who can get him the puck -- and are tight enough against the cap that they likely won't be able to deal for one unless they're willing to give up some young talent.

...the Rangers are more like a doughnut factory there are so many holes (center, defense, power play).

...Sather took some chances this off-season, hopefully they'll pay off.


theking said...

The Rangers are going to have to start two rookie defenseman. Which I would love to see. Maybe a young Ranger prospect might actually get a fair shot. As far as the #1 center yes that is a big hole. I read rumors that we might make a trade for Heatley thats great but I would rahter see a #1 center on our team instead.

Chris said...

If Sather hadn't traded Gomez there would be no Gaborik. I think the Rangers are much better off with Gaborik than Gomez Sure his departure creates a hole in the center but it also allows the Rangers to bring up a player like Anisimov who might not get a chance otherwise.

I wouldn't say the powerplay is a hole this season. I feel like the arrive of Gabo, Higgins, Vinny P, and Avery for a full season will help fix the sluggish PP.

Defense is going to be a problem until the Rangers rid themselves of Rozi and Redden.

theking said...

Anisimov will never be a 1st line center though. Maybe a solid 2nd but right now he has to even prove he can carry the role of a 3rd line center. His points are just not that good in the AHL.

Bring Prucha Back said...

I hope that we dont trade for heatley. dont get me wrong i would love to add a goal scorrer but were not going to be able to give them aaron voros and pat rissmiller. they are going to ask for staal dubinsky and possibly callahan..No way im trading any of those 3.

Kevin said...


Anisimov had 81 points in 80 games in the AHL last year. Thats bad?

theking said...


81 points in 80 games in the AHL isnt bad but its not great. Great NHL players put up 120-150 points in the AHL. He will never be a 1st line center that scores 80 points in the NHL. He will probably peak at 50 points if that. The AHL is not even close to the level of the NHL thats why so many never can make the step. My main point is Anisimov will never be a superstar in the NHL so therefore he is expendable. Same thing with Dubi.