Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rangers Inquire About Sundin

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes says Mats Sundin is doing his best Brett Favre impersonation and the Rangers may be interested...

"The Vancouver Province reported that Sundin---the 38-year-old center who spurned the Rangers last December when they couldn't clear enough cap room and the Canucks came up with more dough---will be told by his agent J.P. Barry this week that four or five teams have inquired about a potential return, including the Canucks. A source told me that a Rangers executive (possibly Sundin's one-time agent Mike Barnett) at one point asked about his intentions as well."

...oh please no, not again with the Sundin rumors.

...i know it was just a question about Sundin's intentions, but I had hoped the days of contacting over-the-hill superstars was over.

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Johnny C said...

I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, but I'd still appreciate some feedback.

I’d like some advice from any current NYR season subscribers. I just received an email saying that I will be offered season tickets after about a 3 year wait. My number was about halfway up the entire list so with that said, anyone have an inkling of what kind of section they’ll offer me. I don’t mind being up in blue heaven – in fact, prob prefer it because money is tight, but if they happened to offer something say in the 300s would I be an idiot for passing? I guess I’d like to hear from you longtime subscribers how often do they offer upgrades in case I actually have some money next year or the following? Would you just take the best section offered? Lastly, how easy is it for you to get rid of tickets for games you can’t make through the ticket exchange? I’m not looking to make any money, I just don’t want to eat them. Longtime Blue Shirts fan and very excited to finally feel like part of the family, but I want to be smart about this because I’m a young guy with a tight budget. I don’t want the subscription office to catch me off guard come Tuesday when I call in. I’d appreciate any advice. THANK YOU TO ALL!