Monday, August 17, 2009

Nylander Contacts Jagr About KHL

Over at the Examiner, Dmitry Chesnokov reports that former Ranger Michael Nylander has contacted Jaromir Jagr to inquire about playing for Omsk...

Here's Jagr on the conversation...

"Negotiations about player transfers is the business of club managers. But if my consultation is needed, how can I refuse? Actually, Nylander himself dialed my number. [He was] asking me about Omsk, about the team. I replied that Avangard is a strong team with a huge devoted army of fans. In the West KHL is not that well known. You have to explain to a lot of players that the Russian championship is serious."

...despite playing terrible hockey since leaving the Rangers, I've always felt that the Rangers made a mistake by not pushing harder to re-sign Nylander. He had such great chemistry with Jagr and neither player was the same after he left.

...i think the Rangers would have been much better off the last two years with Drury and Nylander rather than Drury and Gomez. And I guarantee you that Jagr would have been brought back last year if Nylander was still on board.

...h/t Puck Daddy.

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William said...

The Jagr-Nylander-Straka line has been our best No. 1 line in 5 years.