Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fleury: "I Just Want to Play"

Theo Fleury continues his talk of a comback as TSN reports that he is open to play for anyone...

"If I get to play, period - I don't care where it is. I just want to play," Fleury said on Monday.

"The end goal is to someday, some how, some way get back."

Fleury says his main motivation for a comeback is that he does not want to retire as a suspended player. Fleury was suspended indefinitely in October of 2002 for violating the NHL's aftercare program.

...i don't think too many Ranger fans would be against giving Fleury a Nedved like try-out this pre-season.

TSN is also now reporting that Nikolai Zherdev is expected to sign a deal with Salavatovo Yuleav Ufa.

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Jack said...

Zherdev news yawn. Fleury news yes!