Thursday, August 20, 2009

ESPN's Burnside Chats Rangers

Over at, Scott Burnside held a recent web chat with hockey fans which included numerous Ranger questions on subjects such as Callahan making Team USA, Marian Gaborik's health and the Brashear signing. Here's a snippet...

Lazar N. (Brooklyn, NY)
With all the new faces during the offseason, do you think the NY Rangers will be a better team this year?

Burnside (4:06 PM)
Every time I look at the Rangers' off-season I think of Glen Sather back in the pre-cap days when he'd scrounge up a pile of over-paid, underachieving free agents and then wonder why nothing ever happened. The good thing for the Rangers is that head coach John Tortorella will have the team from the start of the season. The bad news is there are more question marks now than a year ago and I don't think the Rangers are any closer to being a Cup contender.

...nice to see lots of Ranger fans participate in this chat. Unfortunately, every answer from Burnside regarding the Blueshirts was negative. C'mon Scotty stop being such a hater.

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Jack said...

"The bad news is there are more question marks now than a year ago..." Ok smartass, for example?