Friday, August 28, 2009

Sanguinetti Attends Upper Deck Rookie Photo Shoot

Rangers prospect D Bobby Sanguinetti was recently invited to the Upper Deck NHL Rookie Photo Shoot.

For video click here.

...nice to see Sanguinetti getting some recognition. It will also be nice to see him get some ice time with the Rangers this year as well.

...definitely check out the video where you can see Sanguinetti smartly getting a prime spot next to number #1 pick John Tavares of the Islanders in one of the group photos.


Thrashers Recaps said...

I'm thinking about taking a trip to New York this year to see the Rangers play, do you think trying to get 2 single game tickets will be impossible? I'd love to see them play the Red Wings, but its on a weekend and its, well, the Red Wings so I'm afraid tickets will be impossible to get. And I wouldn't want to plan a whole trip without knowing that I'm guaranteed to get in, so scalpers is not an option unfortunately. Any insider tips? How much are the nosebleed tickets, because thats what I'd want to get. You can email me directly if you prefer at

Scotty Hockey said...

The Rangers play the Wings in preseason and it will be easy to get tickets to that, probably less than face.

As for Bobby, it is interesting he was included seeing that there is a good possibility he won't be an NHL rookie until next season ...

Bring Prucha Back said...

Scotty i partially agree, as of now we are looking at 3 defenseman spots that are wide open. The first spot i belive is Gilroys to lose, so that leaves you with 2 spots. Bobby has a shot to make it, he would be competing with DelZotto,McDonaugh and a few other longshots.