Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rangers to Appear on Versus Eight Times

The NHL announced it's national television schedule today which includes the Rangers on Versus eight times...

"Versus has exclusive rights in the United States to the time slot for 26 games this season, meaning there can be no other game being broadcast in the country at that time. The network will air 54 games in total.

Pittsburgh and Detroit will appear eight times on Versus, including their March 22 rematch of the last two Stanley Cup Finals. The New York Rangers, Chicago and Philadelphia will also appear eight times on the network."

For the entire Versus schedule click here.

The NHL also announced NBC will once again have its flex scheduling in place, meaning producers can wait until 13 days prior to the game to choose between at least two pre-selected games. Teams can appear on the network a maximum of four times., the Versus telecast is the worst. There have been a few rumors about ESPN being interested in televising the NHL again but unfortunately all have been shot down. So I guess we're stuck.


William said...

UGH. Versus and NBC games are the WORST. I just like my plain old MSG with Sam and Joe. I can't stand Pierre. Take away Pierre and it's at least marginally tolerable.

!JustDance said...

^$#^$# YOU VERSUS!!!!

Can any network suck more?
Although 8 is a magic number for me, living out here in St. Louis. I'll take what I can get.

Also, my word verification is 'waing' which is kinda funny

AnnoyingJoe said...

vs. HD is CRAP! looks terrible