Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anisimov a Calder Candidate

John Grigg at The Hockey News gives his Top 10 candidates to win the Calder Trophy as top rookie in the NHL this year and includes Artem Anisimov at #9...

9. Artem Anisimov, C, New York Rangers
Although little-known, expect Anisimov to have every chance at a big season on Broadway. The 21-year-old was the 54th pick of the 2006 draft and last season led New York’s American League affiliate, Hartford, in scoring with 37 goals and 81 points – good for fifth in the league. With Scott Gomez gone to Montreal, the Blueshirts need someone to fill the offensive void down the middle and Anisimov will be given every opportunity to be that player.

...hope the Rangers give Anisimov a chance to succeed. The worst thing they could do is panic if he struggles early and send him back down to Hartford or bring in another center.

...having said that, I'm with Grigg and expect a big year out of the kid.

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Evan said...

I'm excited to see Anisimov. I don't believe for a second that he will put up more numbers than Gomez would if he had stayed, but he won't carry the pressure and burden that Gomez's 7mil contract did here. Plus, at 6'4, he won't get shoved around the way Gomez did and by the end of the season he should establish himself as quite the offensive presence that Dubinsky did in the playoffs as a rookie.

On a side note; when THN wrote up the rangers post season moves, they said Boyle and Anisimov were both potential top-6 forwards. I realize there are a lot of question marks with the rangers down the middle, but having 4 top-6 Centers down the middle is easier to swallow than 1 top line center with no names elsewhere.