Thursday, August 27, 2009

Help Me, Help You

With training camp just around the corner, I need some advice from my readers.

Please let me know how I can better this blog. Let me know what you like, what you don't like, things I should be doing, anything. I asked this last year and got some great advice.

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tuli said...

i love this blog. i am upset that i couldn't find it earlier. i bleed blue and red, i have two questions, what are the chances that grachev plays more than 20 games this year and baring trade is it a certainty that Dubinsky is coming back?

NYRFan said...

I would says Grachev's playing time will have a lot to do with how the Rangers play this year. If they have a successful season they'll probably leave Grachev in Hartford to develop his game for next year. But if they faulter or someone gets injured they'll probably bring him up to get some valuable NHL experience.

His play in Harford will have a lot to do with it also.

As far as Dubinsky goes, he'll be back with the Rangers either with a nice new contract or with the qualifying offer the Rangers gave him (just over $600,000). I just don't see the Rangers trading him.

tuli said...

thank you, i think dub's is poised to have a breakout year. I remember 10-15 set ups that would have been sure goals with average line mates. Voros was a career journeyman. who has never scored more than 8 goals in a season. dubs hustles hard, can somewhat score and has great passing vision. i think he will be huge playing with gabriok and higgons.
i love the blog and have told my freinds about it
Take care

Bring Prucha Back said...

Its a great blog, you dont need any adjustments, just keep the blog going so im updated every day! Yea and i iagree with you on Dubs, hes a hustler and a hardworker along with Cally. These two will be Rangers for a long time