Friday, August 7, 2009

Rangers Considering Afinogenov?

Allan Muir at reports that the Rangers have shown interest in Maxim Afinogenov...

"There are rumors of two or three NHL teams desperate enough for offense that they've given him some consideration (including the Islanders and Rangers) but it's hard to believe either John Tortorella or Scott Gordon would put up with his extended periods of non-involvement. Odds are he'll find somewhere to float in Europe."

...Afinogenov is the same enigmatic player Zherdev is so there is no way the Rangers are going to be interested in him.

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Brian said...

While the two are very similar, Afinogenov is muuuuch faster and would cost about $2.5 million less. That is possibly why the Rangers are interested. I would be all for it, but not because I think it would be the smartest roster move, but rather because he has the coolest name in the NHL. Maxim Afinogenov. and especially with that sweet number (#61)...I think I might get a jersey just because of that and I would wear it no matter how shitty he played.