Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fischler: Vailquette to Get More Starts, Youngsters Will Get a Chance

Over at Stan Fischler answers some fan questions, including this one...

Ken M.: Stan, do you see Steve Valiquette playing more games this year or do you feel King Henrik will again get the brunt of the playing time? Does Torts have an idea on how many games he would like to see Henrik play and still be strong come playoff time? Thanks Stan!

The Maven Responds: Dear Ken M. – Based on my recent interview with John Tortorella, the coach wants to lessen Henrik Lundqvist's workload SOMEWHAT. How much will be determined by Henny's performance and the state of the team. I do expect Valiquette to get more games – but ONLY if he pleases the coach with wins.

Fischler also responds to questions about youngsters getting a chance to make the team by saying John Tortorella told him that he plans to give all the youngsters a good chance to make the big club on merit.

...Valiquette absolutely needs to get more games this year as Lundqvist seems to break down at some point every year. And with the Olympics this year it is even more necessary.

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bpette02 said...

I agree Hank needs to play less games this year, especially with the Olympics. I really wish the Rangers would've signed a legitimate back-up goalie. Valiquette, just doesn't cut it.