Monday, August 24, 2009

Grachev May Still Go Back to Brampton

Earlier today I posted a link to OHL Prospects that stated the Rangers had informed the Brampton Battalion that Evgeni Grachev would not be returned to them and would instead be playing in either the AHL or NHL.

However tonight the author of that post, Brock Otton, stated this in a post on HF Boards...

"Brock from OHL Prospects here. I don't have any confirmed information about Grachev at this time, and didn't mean for the blog to read as it did. What I meant to say, was that it's widely rumored in Brampton that Grachev won't be back. Rumored was meant to be in place in the article, but as a typo was left out. Sorry to get your hopes up."

...sort of an important word you left out there Brock.

...despite the misinformation, it is widely expected that Grachev will be playing in either New York or Hartford this year anyway.

...h/t to Beyond the Blueshirts.

Otton has since corrected his post at OHL Prospects.

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