Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trades Make Rangers Stanley Cup Contenders

Stan Fischler at feels that the two trade deadline deals will propel the Rangers into the Stanley Cup Finals...

"...I'll now go on record stating that the acquisitions of Swedish defenseman Christian Backman and forward Fredrik (Call Me Freddie) Sjostrom will be as positive for the Blueshirts roster as last year's addition of Sean (The Great Gabbo) Avery.

I'll go one step further and hereby forecast that the roster, as now constituted, is good enough to carry New York to the top of the division and then all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals...

...Why can the Rangers reach the Finals? Easy. Check the Eastern Conference lineup and tell me if you can find an overpowering threat. Sure, it once was the Senators, but between Ottawa's goaltending dilemmas and assorted other problems, the Sens are a shade of their former selves.

Pittsburgh -- with or without Sidney Crosby -- is loaded, but still remains dubious in goal and who says that Marian Hossa will fit in with the Pens' chemistry? And let's not forget that they lost a load in the deal..."

...that's a pretty bold statement from Fischler. However, I do agree with him that the Rangers can make it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Not because of the trades, but because of the lack of dominant teams in the East.

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backman blows