Monday, February 25, 2008

Mara to Have Facial Surgery, Out 2 Weeks

Sam Weinman at the Rangers Report says...

"The Rangers announced Paul Mara will have surgery to repair a facial fracture and will be out for two weeks. Whether this forces the Rangers hand when dealing before the deadline remains to be seen. Put it this way: it can’t help."

...I think this absolutely forces Sather's hand. I'm more confident than ever that we will be making a trade tomorrow after this news.


oh baby said...

I would like to see Hutchison get a chance. He seems like he deserves a shot and he can't be worse then Strudwick. It may be a bit late to see if he'd work out, given the deadline and all.

bpette02 said...

It appears that Jackman has just signed an extension with the blues. That's one less d-man available. I'd like to see the Rangers add a d-man. It was good to hear the crowd cheer for Malik last night. I think Malik has played a couple of good games in a row and he may actually be able to help us down the stretch. Strudwick should only be a 7th d-man at best, and with Mara going down we could really use someone for the blueline. I think Mara stinks anyway, so even when he's healthy I don't wanna see him out there.