Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sather Speaks About Rangers Trades

Sam Weinman at the Rangers Report was on a conference call with Glen Sather and reported this...

- Not surprisingly, he (Sather) said he entertained offers from a number of teams about prospects and young players, but made clear he didn’t want to compromise the Rangers’ future. He also said given the way the team is playing he didn’t want to disrupt the team’s current chemistry.

“In this game to make a deal that makes sense you really have to give up something to get something,” Sather said. “There’s a good feeling about this team right now. I really didn’t want to affect the chemistry that we have on this team and I don’t think the coaches wanted me to, either.”

- He reiterated there was no thought to trading Jaromir Jagr. Asked if he wanted to re-sign Jagr, Sather said, “We’ll see how things develop…I love the way he’s been playing.” As for Michal Rozsival and Sean Avery, Sather said he will continue to negotiate with both players over the coming weeks, but he did express confidence in being able to re-sign them.

...while I don't think the trades today made us better, I'm happy to say they didn't make us worse either. Which was something I was very worried about going into today and relieved about after the dealine had passed.

...thrilled to hear Sather say he didn't want to compromise the Rangers future by trading away young players and prospects. Sather could have easily made a big splash today by trading Dawes, Callahan or Sanguinetti for a Hossa, or a Campbell or a Richards, but he didn't which should make every Ranger fan confident that Sather will continue developing young players in an effort to make the Rangers competitive year after year.

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bpette02 said...

I agree, I'm glad we didn't give up any youth. However, I do think the Rangers are a little better than they were yesterday. I think our 4th line should be better, I was glad to read that Sjostrom has 2 short handed goals, which means he's a penalty killer which should help. Maybe we'll see less of Shanny on the kill, which I think would help keep his legs a little fresher.

I think our defense is better. I mean I love Strudwick's effort and he's abilty to fight and he's new moustach, but Backman has got to be an upgrade.