Monday, February 25, 2008

No Trades Necessary For Rangers

Stan Fischler at gave this response when asked by Ranger fans what trades the Rangers will be making at the deadline...

"I told them straight out that this team -- especially with Marcel Hossa back on Broadway -- should remain intact; no roster changes are necessary.

As presently constituted, the Blueshirts have three solid offensive lines. Brandon Dubinsky and Sean Avery have revitalized Jaromir Jagr, while the other units are just fine as is.

With Hossa back, Renney can dump either Colton Orr -- out Sunday with illness -- or, preferably Ryan Hollweg and have a reasonable fourth line.

Compared to the competition, the New York defense is good enough. Although a first-rate power play quarterback would make it a superior unit, but you can't have everything.

And if Henny Lundqvist should falter again, Steve Valiquette can step in without anyone having to worry about the puck-stopping.

This is a roster on the rise. So why tamper with it? If it's broken, Sather's job is to fix it. But, right now, the Rangers sure look playoff-good to me!" even Fischler is dumping on Hollweg. I thought Hossa had a strong, physical game last night including a shot off the pipe in the third period. I think that was the first offensive chance for the fourth line since Hollweg's two goal game against the Flyers last month. Hopefully Renney will reward Hossa with another start on Thursday against Carolina.

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fleisch14 said...

Orr has to be in the lineup against Carolina. The last 2 -3 games have been Nasty with the HIt by Orr on Cullen, The Hit from behind on Gomez(no penalty called) and the hit from behind from Hollweg. It will be all hands on deck Thursday, and that hopefully includes colton orr