Friday, February 22, 2008

Flames Interested in Jagr

According to Eklund at HockeyBuzz, the Flames may be interested in Jaromir Jagr...

"And there is a rumour that that the Flames are interested in Jagr."

...I've posted numerous rumors from HockeyBuzz and not one of them has happened, so I'm not putting too much stock into this. However, if this is true, I'd take 21 year old defenseman Dion Phaneuf (13 goals, 32 assists, +8 in 61 games), who has been rumored to be available, straight up for Jagr in a second. In Phaneuf's two plus years in the league he has 50 goals 94 assists +23 in 222 games.

...P.S. Tuesday night Phaneuf had two goals, was a +2 and had a fight.


Anonymous said...

The Flames just resigned Phaneuf. There is no way they move him unless a name like Crosby, Malkin, (you get where I'm heading with this) etc... is coming the other way, not a 35 year old shadow of his former self. A package deal surrounding Jagr and Tanguay would be more believeable.

NYRFan said...

Anonymous always keeping me honest. Didn't see that the Flames resigned Phaneuf. Which doesn't mean they wouldn't trade him, but a lot less likely. I've seen a couple of other websites saying Jagr wouldn't bring much back. I don't buy it. Jagr is only two seasons removed from a 54 goal season and he had a great end of the season last year. He's low on confidence right now and I'm sure if traded, which I'm not advocating unless we get something amazing in return, the change of scenery I'm sure would be helpful