Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Torts a Realist; Sather Holds Private Summit

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes has this quote from John Tortorella on the current state of the team...

"I'm a realist. I think when there are tough times and you struggle as a hockey club, maybe some of that needs to be around the team, but when the team starts growing, I'm trying to get rid of that stuff around us. We're trying to keep that locker room in a situation where they feel pretty good about themselves, and they should, no matter what people think or say or write about us, we have to understand what we've done and I think we have rebounded and have played some good hockey here."

...hey Torts, if you're a realist, realize that Redden is killing the Rangers on the ice and in the books and send him down to Hartford.

...i do agree that the Rangers have rebounded, however, this nice streak is against inferior opponents and this week should tell us a lot about where this team is going. Or not going.

Zipay also reports that Glen Sather held a private summit with team consultant Doug Risebrough, who has been scouting teams in the West, halfway thru today's practice.

...unless the Rangers can move a large salary, don't expect the Rangers to be a player come trade deadline time.

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Jack said...

Hopefully that's what they met about. Moving contracts.