Saturday, January 2, 2010

Torts: Rangers Organization Treats Players Too Well

Before today's game, Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has this quote from John Tortorella during a discussion on the Rangers struggles on home ice...

“Sometimes too good,” he said when asked if the organization treats the players well. “That’s part of the problem. Sometimes too good. That’s something in the short time I’ve been here ... I think we take too good care of them sometimes. I’ll leave it at that.

“We’re changing our travel into the Island and Jersey, where it’s not going to be 10 freakin’ limos flying in from all over the place and coming in for a morning skate. We’re leaving the night before the game, on a bus, and going as a team to New Jersey and to the Island from now on. There are so many different things that come into play with people spread out all over the city and Westchester County, that I’m just beginning to understand and trying to get a better handle on it to be more team-conducive in the travel that we have here." not only are the Rangers over-paying for players. They're pampering them too!!! No wonder this team is as soft as they are. Wonder if the organization offers manicures and pedicures after each game.

...Torts makes a real good point about it being difficult to come together as a team when they're not even traveling to the games together. I'm in complete shock that the Rangers allow that travel arrangement. the way, how is Torts just beginning to understand this problem. He's been with the team for almost a year.


Anonymous said...

torts, you are just starting to figure it out now?

isnt this your second year as coach?

shouldnt you have "figured out" basic shit like this before the season started?

yet another reason this jerk should be gone

fleisch said...

give me a break!!! we are using the excuse as travel as a reason this team cant score!!!! We are talking about 3 games in jersey and 3 on LI....what BS!!

Jack said...

I've said something like this for a while. The city has divided the players. When they're not on the ice, they aren't buddies. This team is very cliquey in the locker room. Those of you who have played ice hockey know what I'm talking about.

S.S. DuBois said...

Messier galvanized the 94 team - they had team meals regularly and he made a real effort to get to know them and their families. He was able to focus their energy as a team - as a unit. He was a true leader.

As for the pampering - maybe Torts should lock some of our under performers in a dark utility shed - see how that plays out.