Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thrashers 2, Rangers 1, SO

The New York Rangers (21-17-6) lost to the Atlanta Thrashers (19-18-6) by the score of 2-1 in a shootout, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...missed opportunity for two points by the Rangers tonight. You get a heck of a game by a rookie goaltender making his first start and can't score more than one goal for the kid.

...speaking of the kid, man did he make even the most difficult saves look easy. Including this one. Valiquette shouldn't be making plans to return any time soon.

...why is Del Zotto going ahead of players such as Anisimov or Dubinsky in the shootout? He shouldn't even be the first defenseman going. Gilroy has that honor.

...can the Rangers please score on Hedberg. In three games against the Blueshirts this season, he's now stopped 108 of the 114 shots against him. All Atlanta wins.

...if anybody is looking for the Rangers to drop Drury just go back and watch the diving block he took off the chest at the buzzer in OT.

...nice to see Lisin use his superior speed to get one tonight. His foot must be getting healthy because he's been much better recently.

...Staal has been a monster lately. tomorrow then a matinee in Boston on Saturday.


Jack said...

Wow. A rookie goalie pretty much stands on his head and the team can't score that one goal to close the game.

In no way should Johnson be frowned upon. Dude was amazing....five sick saves against Peverly over like the 1st and 2nd periods. Wow, Johnson is composed.

Del Zotto was a weird choice but....yeah, the team should be buying Johnson tons of drinks.

William said...

amazing performance by Johnson. The kid obviously has a future.

..After scoring 5 the previous night, scoring, of course, again an issue.

Still, I think Atlanta is an underrated team defensively, especially against us w/ Johan in the net. Sweden mistakenly left him off their roster.

This team has struggled in the shootout this year. If they had last year's shootout/overtime win rate, to say nothing of the close regulation games they won on Hank's back, we'd have at least five more points at this point.

Was at the game on Wed. While we won, Avery played great, I stil felt like Lisin should have been given more time. perhaps Torts is being tentative with his foot. Bottom line: the kid can flat out fly, has scoring touch, and deserves slightly more ice time. He has what, like 6/7 goals, with an ATOI of 10-12 mins in ~34 games. not a bad productivity rate

William said...

Lisin only has 5 g/ 6 a; and has played 39 games. Still, he is much improved defensively (+/- of 0), compared to Higgins' +/- of -11. bottom line; not a 4th liner.

Also, Still is a beast these days. if he didn't have to overcompensate for the rest of the Rangers' defensive deficiencies, playing for a stronger defensive team, he'd be even better. often forced to do to much.

In general though, I wish the Rangers D would pass the puck better out of their own zone on the break out. They love to telegraph it, and are frequently content to wing it up the boards, which rarely yields positive results. reminsicent of a youth hockey strategy

William said...

*Still = Staal

Adam said...

Staal and Johnson sick last night

Phil said...

I would let Johnson play again. And soon. Hoping next weekend when they have back-to-back games Saturday and Sunday. Would be a good test to see if he can turn in another good effort.