Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rangers 5, Stars 2

The New York Rangers (21-17-5) defeated the Dallas Stars (18-14-11) by the score of 5-2, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...the story of tonight's game was obviously Avery. Nice to see him be able to stick it to a lot of the Star players who threw him under the bus last year. Tortorella needs to hypnotize Avery into thinking he's playing the Stars every game.

...two in a row at home. Are the Rangers actually becoming a difficult team to play at the Garden? I said last game, keep on bombing it Ales.

...without Avery, Lundqvist is the story tonight. Huge saves all night. The King has allowed more than two goals only three times in the last 15 games.

...we Rangers fans were worried Gaborik might not play 28 games this year and now he has that many goals half way through the season.

...Drury continues his revival with his seventh point (4g, 3a) in the 10 games since he was demoted to the fourth line.

...Gilroy's best game since returning from Hartford.'s gotten so bad for Brashear that he needed Boyle to come to his aid after he was smashed into the boards in the second period.

...right back at it tomorrow night in Atlanta.


JoeR said...

ranger fans - take this opportunity to feel good about your team! It's been a long time coming, and who knows how long it will last. Gotta say - I like the way this team is playing now. Not perfect by any stretch, but with energy and grit.

rusty said...

Instead of my usual perch in 415 I sat in section 81 between the benches 4 rows from the ice(tickets courtesy of my son in law) Several observations from that vantage point.
1. Everyone from the blue seats should see a game from that close. It is so fast and furious that, as my brother said, a player has a second or less to make a play. It looks so much easier from up high.
2. Gaborik is even better from up close. Wrist and snap shots explode off his stick without warning. As he skates with the puck he is looking everywhere for an opening or a pass.
3. Avery, where have you been? I guess he needs to play against players who threw him under the bus!
4. It's time to get off Rozi's back. He had asolid D game and 2 assists and still was booed. He's been plying well in this streak and we can't change his contract.
5. The people who sit in those great seats mostly don't deserve them. On Avery's sick spin-o-rama move and pass to Drury, my brother and I came out of our seats screaming a JD "oh baby" while most of the people around us politely clapped or were oblivious. Except for the 4 people sitting next to us who didn't see the play because they left after the 2nd period!