Friday, January 1, 2010

Rangers 2, Hurricanes 1

The New York Rangers (19-17-4) defeated the Carolina Hurricanes (10-23-7) by the score of 2-1, last night. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and they did after the dreadful loss against the Islanders two weeks ago, the Rangers have a nice bounce back effort last night. Forwards were very aggressive and if it wasn't for Ward the Rangers could have easily won by two or three goals.

...wasn't a big fan of the Christensen pick-up, but if he continues to play like that he's going to be an important part of this team, especially with Prospal out.

...ya think Lundqvist took the goal post out to a New Year's Eve party after the game?

...Dubinsky is really starting to heat up as he now has four goals in his last five games. And all four have been pretty clutch.

...wouldn't mind seeing Brashear sitting in the press box for the rest of the season. Thought Voros brought some much needed snarl and toughness last night. today for the Winter Classic then Carolina in town tomorrow.


Evan S said...

I hated the fact that Voros was still with the team at the beging of the year, but so far this season he has played better than last year and has won 4 fights...what has Brashear done?

RJ said...

Christensen still stinks. His assist was because he nearly fanned on a rebound and Dubinsky put the puck in the net. He'll probably still have only 2 points by the end of the season. How they can put this guy on the top line is beyond me.

Sean Avery 16 said...

Voros has to play instead of brashear, hes been a punk all of his career and now no one is scared of him. Voros is a good team guy and he plays hard. And RJ, Christensen doesnt stink by the way. You cant say he stinks when he usually gets 4 min ice time every night, he has a good wrist shot and i agree that hes not a 1st liner , but maybe 2nd, and definetly 3rd. Tortorella screwed this team up and sather screwed the organization up. Were gunna need gaborik to get hot again or else were in trouble. Congrats to callahan and drury on making team USA.

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Carolina Hurricanes, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.