Monday, January 11, 2010

Prospal Returns Tomorrow; Dubinsky to 2nd Line

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants reports that Vinny Prospal will return to the Rangers line-up tomorrow night against the Devils on the left wing of the first line.

Prospal's return means that Brandon Dubinsky has been dropped to the second line with Drury and Callahan.

Kotalik, Lisin and Brashear seem to be the likely candidates to be the healthy scratch with Prospal back in the lineup.

...hate to see Torts mess with the top line, but Prospal played so well wih Gaborik at the beginning the season it's hard to criticize the move.

Gross also reports that Chad Johnson lead the Hartford Wolfpack to a 2-1 overtime victory last night and should return to back-up Henrik Lundqvist tomorrow night.


Chris said...

I'd rather see Prospal, whose play has sipped prior to his injury, start on the 2nd line and earn the top spot back.

The Dubi/Christi/Gabby line has been good. No need ot mess with it unless we know Prospal is back into early-season form

Evan S said...

I think Prospal will return to early season form. The reason his play slipped is because he is 34 years old. He hasn't played in 2 weeks, that is sufficent rest to resume play. He should be able add something to the rangers resurgent offense.

How 'bout Christensen, I knew he had skills, he scored 18 goals one year a few years ago in Pittsburgh and saw some serious minutes over there. Gaborik is probably the most skilled player he's ever played with (unless with Crosby) and he'll get a boost from that.