Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hurricanes 2, Rangers 1, OT

The New York Rangers (19-17-5) lost to the Carolina Hurricanes (11-23-7) by the score of 2-1 in overtime, today. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...the effort has been great the last two games, but this team needs to start scoring. I don't want to hear about how many posts they hit, if the puck doesn't go in it doesn't matter. The schedule picks up a notch in January and the Rangers one or two goals a game isn't going to get the job done.

...and as usual the #1 culprit is Higgins. I'm not sure Torts can keep this guy in the line-up anymore. Avery isn't that far behind.

...who pissed in Del Zotto's lemonade before the game?

...Eric Staal really brings out the best in Marc. The middle Staal was fabulous during the home and home.

...not sure if the pressure to make the Olympic team was getting to Drury but a day after being named to Team USA he played one of his better games of the season.

...c'mon Torts only two minutes for Voros. Besides Avery he is the only potential momentum changer the Rangers have. Give him some more minutes and see if he can't spark the team.

...Dubinsky looks pretty comfortable on the wing. tomorrow then the Winter Classic winning Bruins in town on Monday.


JoeR said...

this team is really hard on their fans. They play well enough to continue watching but never well enough to get to any kind of a comfort level - either within a game or overall for the season. they blow so many missed scoring chances that it's like torture. As far as I'm concerned, Tortorella is basically blameless. Yeah he's made some mistakes but they appear to be well-coached, i.e. disciplined defensively for the most part and creating chances. JUST CAN'T SCORE.

NYRFan said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

i disagree about torts.

i know he has been handed a pile of s$%t, but when you take a superstar like garborik and saddle him with a barely-nhl-caliber player like christensen, you arent doing the best you can for the team.

when your electronic device needs three batteries, if you have one dead one, it wont work

play your best players together.

score some goals.

fleisch said...

Joe-R...are you serious?? the last thing this team the Rangers are is disciplined defensively...they have more break downs in the defensive zone they I have ever seen by a Rangers team(perfect example is the philly game)...add that on to there 1-2 goals a game and you have about a .500 team...
With that being said, Sather has killed this team with bad contracts, and that wont change unless he sucks it up and sends down, redden, and brashear...with rozival not far behind

Jack said...

Del Zotto was allright. Higgins is NOT a finisher.

The Carolina announcers thought the all-American line of Callahan-Drury-Higgins was their best.

How about Gaborik's three posts? One was a wicked slap shot.

Ward is really calm and collective in net. He makes it look so easy.

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Carolina Hurricanes, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.