Friday, January 1, 2010

Get Rid of Fat Cats

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says Glen Sather has to make the tough decision of waiving the team's bad contracts or move on...

"Now it's time for Sather to set the example by waiving Redden, by waiving Rozsival, by waiving Brashear -- who embarrassed himself on Wednesday by turning away from Daniel Carcillo -- and replacing them with people who will try their best and whose view of the world isn't through a rear-view mirror.

If Sather is not up to this task, he has outlived his usefulness as Rangers' GM."

Brooks also says that the change in culture effected under Tom Renney following the lockout has dissipated and the fat cats are again ruling the Rangers locker room.

This story comes on the heels of this quote from Sean Avery after the Rangers were pummeled by the Flyers Wednesday...

"It's a privilege to put this jersey on and play in this city, but I don't know if we know that as a team right now," Sean Avery told The Post. "I don't know what to do to try and find that, but that sense of pride has to be found."

...sounds like a lot of negativity surrounding this team right now. While last night's win will help get a positive vibe going in the short term, until this team cleans house as Brooks suggests they're not going anywhere this season or in the immediate future.'s a shame to because Renney did come in and change the culture of the team and now it seems, according to Brooks, the Rangers are back at square one.

...bottom line is that Sather is the root of all the Rangers problems and the sooner he is fired the sooner the Rangers can become a premiere franchise in the NHL again.


Anonymous said...

Letting Orr walk and Brashear come in was a joke. Orr was everyones big brother and it really seemed like he loved NY and loved the team. Brashear hasn't done anything and I don't get it. Bring up Byers if you want an enforcer or dress Voros. I really like Voros and think hes come a long way. Seems like hes popular in the room from what I hear and he sticks up for guys. Fighting isn't about winning in hockey. It's about emotion and momentum. I loved Byers in Vancouver. KEsler sticked Gabby and he went berserk. Voros did too. Did Brash get a one year or two year deal? I thought one year someone told me 2 years.

Jack said...

Brashear is a big waste of space. Period. I can't believe Torts said he was better than Orr. No way...neither are great but really...?

Glad to see Brooks call everyone out; Like Avery's quote.

Jack said...