Monday, January 11, 2010

Brooks: Rangers Need to be Sellers at Deadline

Larry Brooks at the New York Post pleads for Glen Sather to be a seller at the trade deadline...

"Because even though the Blueshirts seem to be a playoff caliber team in a conference overloaded with deficient squads, this run against a succession of terrible opponents should not and must not interfere with the real business at hand of constructing a Stanley Cup contender.

To that end, no matter the standings, no matter the "game with points streak," no matter the revenue the Garden would stand to derive from a few playoff home dates, Sather has the responsibility to be a seller rather than a buyer as the trade deadline approaches." matter how smart selling players at the deadline is for the Rangers future there is no way the Dolans would be willing to give up the extra revenue from a possible playoff birth to improve the team. Period.

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