Friday, January 8, 2010

Avery Just as Important as Gaborik, Lundqvist?

Ryan Dixon at The Hockey News looks at the importance of Sean Avery to the Rangers success...

"Then there’s the wild card behind the wheel, Sean Avery. Can Avery’s impact consistently match that of Gaborik and Lundqvist? Of course not. Still, there’s no denying he can be and has been a difference-maker for the Rangers."

...i've always said that Avery, despite not being an elite player in the NHL, is by far the most important player on the Rangers. The problem this year has been consistancy from Sean. He looked like an MVP candidate Wednesday night then last night he is barely noticable. For the Rangers to be successful he needs to bring his 'A' game every night. And by 'A' game I don't necessarily mean scoring I mean a sandpaper effort that throws the opponent off their game.

Also at The Hockey News, Edward Fraser named Marian Gaborik the midseason Hart Trophy winner.

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S.S. DuBois said...

If he just yaps and gets 12 minutes of dumb penalties he can be a liability but when he yaps and jabs at players and then scores or has a primary assist on a goal it drives they other team nuts and he a positive catalyst.

Sunday he did all that and the frustration showed both with Turco and the Dallas defense.