Monday, November 5, 2007

Who Said Anything About a Groin Injury?

In another defensive masterpiece by the Rangers, they defeat the Philadelphia Flyers by a score of 2-0 to improve to 7-6-1 on the season and complete their six game homestand 5-1 . Jaromir Jagr shook off a groin injury to score a gorgeous goal and, in what's turning into a nightly occurance, Henrik Lundqvist posts another shut-out. For a complete re-cap go to Yahoo! Sports.

...Sean Avery obviously sets the tone right away with an early scrap. This is why you love Avery. He gives the Rangers a snarl that the entire teams feeds off of. I'm sure Renney reminded the troops about the way Philly came into the Garden last year and roughed them up. And Avery made sure that didn't happen again.

...just give the Vezina trophy to Lundqvist right now. Nuff said.

...Jaromir Jagr shows why he is our Captain by playing through a groin injury to score an awesome goal. A great power move by Jagr.

...and the icing on the cake provided by Shanahan. I still feel Shanahan hasn't been the same since his concussion, coincidentally against the Flyers, last year, but he can still put the puck in the net.

...Staal and Dubinsky continue to show they can play at the NHL level. Dubinsky was tough on the puck all night and is really showcasing some great offensive talent. Staal once again was steady throughout and I've got to give the kid credit for the hit he laid on Upshall behind the net. I didn't realize how strong he was. my three dedicated readers, I won't be around a computer tomorrow, so I won't be able to post anything new until after the game tomorrow night.


bpette02 said...

It's good to see somebody else posting a message. I agree with you about Dubinsky and Staal. I think you can throw Giradi's name into that conversation as well. He plays with poise and always seems to make the right decision with the puck. As far as Jagr goes I think even the most dedicated Jagr haters (the guy who sits behind us) would have to agree he played a great game tonight.

Jimbo said...

I love Avery, but personally, I think he needs to cool it down a bit.

I'd rather see him on the ice every night than in the stands signing autographs for us.

By the way, I feel like an IDIOT for having him sign my sweatshirt instead of my ticket the other night!!!! I have to wash my sweatshirt every year or so!!!