Friday, November 30, 2007

"They brought their $#&$#&! toys with them!"

Terry Frei of, gives his ode to what he calls the greatest sports movie ever made "Slap Shot"...

"...Seriously, it's a great movie, great on several levels, great as a comedy and a satire, both laugh-out-loud funny and smile-wryly funny. The first time you saw it, you laughed the second the line came out of the character's mouth, and then several hours later after you thought about it.

And years later, it's still a classic.

I'm torn about the concept of a remake. Though it did well, in part because of relentless prerelease promotion and savvy selection of media types for cameo roles, 'The Longest Yard' remake was a joke. There are more 'Poseidons' -- disasters in more than genre -- than there are 'Oceans 11s.'..." "Slap Shot" an amazingly funny movie? Absolutely, but anyone who has ever seen "Caddy Shack", which I think is everyone, would most definitely disagree with Frei.


Anonymous said...

Caddy Shack is much better

bpette02 said...

Caddy Shack might be the funniest movie ever, other than Spinal Tap