Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'll Take It

The New York Rangers (13-8-1) defeated the host Tampa Bay Lightning (10-9-2) by a score of 2-1. The Ranger goals were scored by Fedor Tyutin (3) and Colton Orr (1). Henrik Lunqvist lost his shutout with 16.7 seconds remaining in the game on a goal by Michel Ouellet. The road victory was the Rangers' 5th in a row moving their road record to .500 after starting the season 0-5-1. The Rangers have now won 6 of 7 and 10 of 12. For a full recap go to Yahoo! Sports.

...obviously, I'll take two points anyway I can get them, but man I am getting sick and tired of this team not scoring. And its not like this team lacks scoring opportunities, they just can't bury the puck. Point blank chances for Hollweg, Drury and Avery just to name a few. has gotten so bad for this offense the only forward to score in the last three games is Colton Orr. Colton Orr!!!

...I'm hoping Jagr is hurt at this point because he seems almost disinterested on the ice. Maybe he never fully healed from the preseason groin injury. If this is the case , sit him down until it heals. We've got enough depth at forward to compensate for what Jagr has been giving us this year.

...Renney deserves all the blame for Lundqvist losing the shutout tonight. Why is Jagr anywhere near the ice at the end of the game? Didn't Renney learn anything from last year's playoffs against Buffalo? I do have to give Renney credit for accepting the blame. Here is his quote after the game...

"If anybody should be disappointed, it should be me," Renney said. "I need to protect Henrik with maybe a little different personnel out there late in the game. I owe him a better coaching effort than that, quite honestly."

...speaking of Henrik, he is playing at a level not seen around here since Richter. Maybe even better.

...a couple of congratulations, first to Colton Orr on his first goal of the season and the other to Ivan Baranka who got his first NHL point assisting on Orr's goal. I didn't even realize Rozsival was hurting.

...speaking of hurting, let's hope Avery is okay after that Shanny slapper to the hand.

...sorry for all the negativity after a win, but this team is the most frustrating first place team ever.


bpette02 said...

Renney, WoW! Moving Drury to the wing? Putting Jagr out there in defensive situations. Keeping Hollweg in the lineup?

Moving Drury to the wing is almost as bad as when Muckler move Leetch to the wing so he can match up against Bure. Do you remember that great move.

We did win though, and took 2 road points. And held the top scoring team in the NHL to 1 goal. Our 27 pts is tied for 3rd in the NHL.

I can't wait until this team starts clicking.

fleisch said...

What is Jagr doing on the ice with 30 seconds left. AWFUL!..
In just over 2 weeks Jagr went from looking like the best player in the league again, to looking bored, lazy, and a step above Hollweg...
Chris Drury, the only reason I knew he was on the ice is because he was moved to the wing. This guy is invisible out there...
This team cannot afford to lose Avery again. He is the only forward to bring 100% effort to the ice every game, and i t shows.