Saturday, November 24, 2007

HockeyBuzz: Jagr to Oilers?

Eklund over at HockeyBuzz is reporting that Jaromir Jagr and the Edmonton Oilers are being linked together in a trade...

"Just talked to a source who told me that once again the Oilers and Jagr are being linked together. Apparently the asking is too high, but 'has come down enough over the last two weeks' to make some sense..."

...I think Eklund makes this stuff up. As bad as Jagr is playing, there is no way the Rangers are trading him.

...and at least pick a team I would actually believe he would go to. I really don't think the small market Oilers need a high priced, fading super star.


Anonymous said...

Eklund is a joke

bpette02 said...

Where are we gonna get another guy at 4.5 million to produce like Jagr? Keep in Mind we're paying Gomez (who is a f-ing joke)10 million, and Jagr still has more points than him.

I've actually seen Jagr back check at least a few times this year. Jagr was scoring more last year, but we weren't in first place(the Flyers won tonight so we're tied for first).