Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is Every Hockey Columnist Picking on the Rangers Offense?

In another of what seems to be an endless amount of columns on the Rangers lack of scoring, CBS Sportsline's Wes Goldstein feels that if the Rangers don't pick-up the offense their visions of a Stanley Cup will fade away...

"Not that long ago, the New York Rangers frequently made themselves punch lines by paying huge salaries for players who rarely provided adequate value in return.

Nobody is laughing at the Rangers these days because they're tied for first place in their division and aren't an easy team to beat. Still, it's clear the big dollars they gave to free agents
Scott Gomez and Chris Drury last summer have yet to create the desired result..."

...while all these stories on the Ranger's offensive struggles are true, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of them. I can't imagine how the players feel.

...so in an effort to not bring the team's offense down any further, I will refuse to post any stories relating to the lack of Ranger's offense. I hope there are other stories out there or this will be a very boring blog.

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