Friday, November 30, 2007

NHL Board of Directors Approve New NHL Schedule

According to, the NHL Board of Directors have approved a change to the league's scheduling format to allow every team to face each other at least once every season...

"...After a three-year experiment in developing rivalries in hockey's far-flung outposts, the NHL voted to go back to the scheduling format used before the 2004-05 lockout, most notably decreasing the current eight games against every team's divisional opponents to six.

Starting next season, teams will play just 24 total games against their four divisional foes, 40 against the rest of the conference and 18 against the other conference -- one game against all 15 foes, and three home-and-home series against wild-card opponents..."

...this is great news and shows the NHL is in tune, sort of, with the wants of its fans. a season ticket holder, its great to know that I will be able to see more Western Conference teams on a yearly basis.

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oldschedulesux said...

Very happy to see this. Finally Bettman gets something right.