Friday, November 23, 2007

Video of the Day (Late Night Edition)

...just in case you forgot what a Jaromir Jagr goal looked like, this video shows every goal Jagr scored last year. Its a bit long, but hey we haven't seen many Jagr goals this year so it might be worth it.

...maybe Renney should have Jagr sit down and watch this himself.


fleisch said...

That was great. Jagr needs to take a look at at himself.

14 goals scored on the crease by rebound or deflection

7 goals scored in the circles off one timers or moves off the boards.

9 goals scored when he cuts to the center or a one timer when set up in the center.

The Captain needs to put the team on his shoulders and lead by example. START SHOOTING!! It actually might go in the net.

Anonymous said...

Shoot the puck Jagr!!!!