Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bigger Goals?

John Vogl of the The Buffalo News reports that Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier wants to see more offense in the NHL and one of the ideas he's proposing is increasing the size of the goals...

"...'It’s not about whether we’re winning or losing,' Regier said. 'It’s about when I watch games, it’s about the excitement. It’s a great game. Even now it’s a great game. But we’ve got an opportunity, I think an obligation, to make it more exciting....

...'Goalies have to get smaller or the nets have to get larger,' Regier said. 'That goalie has to get significantly smaller for the likelihood of an outside shot to go in. If we can’t make the goalies smaller, then I don’t know what other options we have but to consider making the nets larger.'...

... Regier would like to see the league create a research and development center to test rules and ensure the ideal balance between offense and defense. And right now, the balance has shifted toward defense..." first glance this looks like sour grapes from Regier because he couldn't resign Drury or Briere and now his team can't score, but in actuality he makes a lot of sense.

...something needs to be done. If hockey is ever going to increase it's popularity it needs more scoring.

... I think before the NHL looks into something as dramatic as increasing the size of the goals, it has to first look at other options including shrinking the goaltending equipment even further or increasing the size of the ice surface. If this doesn't directly lead to an increase in scoring then they should look into making the goals larger.

...increasing the size of the goals is a radical idea, but so was adding the three point line in the NBA and that worked out just fine.

...what do you think. Leave your opinions in the comments section.

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