Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jagr on the Move?

Eklund over at HockeyBuzz is reporting that Jaromir Jagr is likely to be traded...

"...One rumour that was told to me by more than a few folks is that Jagr is likely moving.

"I can't tell you how I know it, but I do," one source told me.

"Too much change in NY for Jags, no Nylander and with Straka hurt it isn't quite right." another added, " Jagr won't complain openly, but he will fade into the background. You will not get that extra something."

Another spoke of how Jagr would like to play his entire career with the same 18 guys.

"When he's comfortable he is one player. When he isn't, he is a another."

As I have said there is the Jagr from the Pens and the Jagr from the Caps. But what is interesting, and everyone pointed out, Jagr is not a complainer.

The question is where. He could go. That is my next quest for today...." pretty much have to take everything Eklund says with a grain of salt. Who are these mystery sources Eklund talks to?

...with that being said, Jagr does seem to be skating in a fog this year. I thought for sure he would dominate like he did two years ago. From interviews I've seen he seems happy. Obviously, I would be shocked to see the Rangers move Jagr.

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