Thursday, November 29, 2007

Deck Stacked Against Isles?

Over at Blueshirt Bulletin, Dubi thinks that the Rangers might have an advantage tonight against the Islanders because of the Islanders heavy schedule of late...

"The Islanders may be 3-0 against the Rangers so far this year, but the deck is stacked against them as they make their second visit to the Garden tonight. After a light early season schedule, the Isles will be playing their fifth game in the last seven days today -- the Rangers by contrast are playing their third, coming off three full days off. The well-rested Rangers should not only be able to take advantage of the fact that the Isles played last night, they may also benefit from a bit of an Islander hangover from beating the league-leading (though recently slumping) Ottawa Senators in a shootout -- or if not a hangover, at least some slight dampening of the extra spirit the Isles usually bring to contests against the Rangers..."

...although this is a great point, there is no way the Islanders will not be ready for this game. Trust me, Nolan will have his team fired up.

...I think if the Rangers can hold off an early Islander surge, they should be able to wear the Islanders down as the game drags on and hopefully take advantage in third period.

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