Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lineup Changeup

With the return of Callahan and the injury to Avery, Renney has done some line juggling, here is the latest from Sam Weinman over at his blog with the New York Journal...

"Renney said he’s not sure what this means for the lineup yet. Today he tried Hossa alongside Gomez and Shanny but he said that isn’t set in stone.

'We’re not real firm on that just yet. I think we have some interchangeable parts there,' Renney said. 'Marcel has shown an ability to play with different people, but that’s certainly an option.'

Renney also said bringing someone up from the farm was a possibility. Someone asked about Nigel Dawes and the coach continued the sentence: 'Amongst others, as a matter of fact. I’m thinking about that.'

Someone wanted me to ask about the PP in regards to Petr Prucha. It looks like someone’s been reading your comments!…Seriously though, Prucha skated on the top PP unit at practice, which was heavily devoted to working on the PP and on how to cash in rebounds. (More on that later.) The line was Prucha, Drury, and Jagr.

And while we’re here, the regular lines were:

Looks like Callahan may play tomorrow. Renney said he will be taken off IR, and they’ll decide the lineup tomorrow.

I told Callahan that it looked good for him because he skated with his usual group today. He smiled as if to say, 'Yeah, it does look pretty good.'"

...lots of things going on in Rangerland, between players coming back, players being injured and the offense being criticized in the media daily.

...hopefully, they'll be able to get it together before tomorrow's game against the Islanders.

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