Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Straka to give Jagr Boost

Although it hasn't happened yet, Sam Weinman at the New York Journal, feels that Martin Straka's return to the lineup with get Jagr going...

"...If Straka's return to Jagr's left wing has given back the Rangers one of their most valuable two-way forwards, it has also given them the player who best understands the keys to unleashing their mercurial captain. Gone is Michael Nylander, the center who meshed so easily with Jagr for two seasons before he left as a free agent to Washington. But in Straka, a longtime teammate in Pittsburgh, on the Czech national team and eventually in New York, Jagr has the linemate and friend who reads him best....

...So far, the results have been encouraging. The two produced a number of scoring chances in Straka's first game back on Friday in Florida, then connected for the Rangers' first goal in Sunday's loss to Dallas..."

...I'm not sure the results have been encouraging so far, as Jagr still seems reluctant to go to the goal. However, I do agree with Weinman that Straka's return is going to have a positive affect on Jagr's game.

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