Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why Can't I Vote for Sean Avery as an NHL Allstar?

2008 NHL All-Star Game fan balloting is underway, and one player you can't vote for is Sean Avery. When you go to the NHL Fan Balloting website, the voter is able to choose three forwards, two defenseman and one goalie from each conference from a pre-determined ballot. If you want to vote for a player not on the ballot, their is an option "To Nominate a Player Not on the Ballot, Select One from the List." Some of the players included on this list are Arron Asham, Blair Betts, Donald Brashear, Radek Davorak, and Karel Rachunek. But one player you will not find is Sean Avery. To check it out click here.

... how in the world are you able to vote for Arron Asham to be on the Allstar team and not Sean Avery. I think this is a conspiracy started by Gary Bettman and I plan to get to the bottom of this.

...I encourage all Ranger fans to flood the NHL offices with phone calls and e-mails (if anyone has a phone number or e-mail address, please leave it in the comments section).

...lets force Gary Bettman to put Sean Avery onto this year's NHL Allstar ballot.


Anonymous said...

This is definately ridiculous. Its not that Avery is Allstar worthy, but as Ranger fan I would like the option to vote for him. I mean Donald Brasher's name should be no where near that list.

bpette02 said...

Another great job by Bettman and the rest of the ad wizards from the NHL. They got a guy named Carol on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a reaction to last years "vote for Rory" campaign. When millions voted for Rory Fitzpatrick when he obviously wasn't All-Star material.

Not only is the belittling Avery, but the fans as well.