Tuesday, November 20, 2007

C'mon Vogue

In an effort to keep our minds off of hockey after last night’s disaster, I give you this article in Vogue on Brendan Shanahan…

“…Shanahan came to the Rangers last season, as a free agent. He says that he likes living in New York because so many things happen that the days seem agreeably prolonged. Last year, he sometimes took the subway to the Garden for games. If people recognized him, they usually said no more than good luck. One night, coming home from a game, he stood next to two men on the platform wearing Rangers jerseys with number 14 and "Shanahan" stitched on the back, but they never noticed him…”

…talk about a bunch of metrosexuals. First Avery’s on People’s sexiest persons list and now this.

…these are the type of interviews the NHL should be promoting. This article gives the reader great insight into Shanahan as a person. Not sure why the NHL refuses to promote its stars.

…hey Shany love the sweater

.…thanks to Sam Weinman over at the Rangers Report for this story.

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Anonymous said...

Not a bad article. Some stuff on Shanahan I never knew about