Thursday, November 22, 2007

HockeyBuzz: Rangers are Buyers

With 96 days until the trading deadline Eklund over at HockeyBuzz feels that the Rangers will be buyers...

"...New York Rangers: Don't look now, but the early MVP HAS to be Lundqvist. The guy kept the team in it until they got their game together, which they have done. The Defense and backup goalie is an issue. They are too good and too close to winning a Cup to go into the playoffs without plugging up a few holes. The Rangers are an 8 ranking on the Trade Watch Scale. BUYERS..."

...'the Defense and backup goalie is an issue'? Does this guy Eklund even watch hockey? Without our defense, even with Lundqvists heroics, we would be in the bottom half of the league instead of the top. And in his one game Valiquette was awesome.

...right now, I don't think the Rangers should make any moves at the deadline, unless there's a major injury.

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