Thursday, November 22, 2007

High Rankings for Rangers has ranked the New York Rangers #4 (up from #9) in their recent Holiday Edition of their Power Rankings...

4 (9) Rangers - 12-8-1 - The Rangers are thankful for Henrik Lundqvist ... and Henrik Lundqvist.

The Hockey News has the Rangers ranked #3 (up from #6) in their rankings...

3 (6) NY Rangers - Getting it done in OT and shootout

...I think any honest Ranger fan would admit that these rankings are a bit high.

...I know they are tied for third most points in the league, but their lack of offense would drop them down a few notches in my rankings.

...just look at ESPN's comments, they're pretty much admitting that Lundqvist is the only reason for the Rangers success. That doesn't make for a third or fourth ranked time as far as I'm concerned.

...obviously, I'm still a little sour with this offense.

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