Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hall of Fame Worthy?

ESPN.com's John Buccigross gives a list of players who he believes one day will be, or could/should be, worthy of a Hockey Hall of Fame induction...

New York Rangers

Jaromir Jagr: If he plays until he's 40, he should be No. 2 all time to Wayne Gretzky in points.

Henrik Lundqvist: Gold medal? Check. Stanley Cup? Coming soon. Hall of Fame? You betcha.

Brendan Shanahan: Future Maple Leafs president and GM. Book it.

Chris Drury: It's my column and my rules. I make them up. He is clutch and, in life, clutch is everything. Move on.

...would have to agree with all four. Although if Drury doesn't start picking it up he might be left out.

...I wonder how Ranger fans will react if Jagr moves passed Mark Messier for No. 2 all time in points.

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bpette02 said...

It was rough when Jagr broke Graves's goal record. I would not be happy if he passes Mess on any list. Of course, if he wins a cup or 2 with the Rangers it would be much easier to accept.

By the way, a little premature on Hank in the hall. I love the guy but do you remember Jim Carey?

Also Drury is a bit of a stretch, we'll see what happens the next 5 years.