Friday, November 30, 2007

Malik to Return to Lineup

With Paul Mara suffering from a sprained shoulder, it looks like Marek Malik will be returning to lineup Saturday afternoon against the Ottawa Senators. From Steve Zipay at Newsday...

"Defenseman Paul Mara has a sprained shoulder, the result of a crunch in the boards in the third period against the Isles, and Marek Malik, who has missed 13 games with a sore back/ribs since a spill on Nov. 1, apparently will return to play with Michal Rozsival, while Marc Staal pairs with Jason Strudwick..." first glance I was furious with Renney for splitting the Rozsival/Staal pairing, but when I thought about a pairing of Strudwick/Malik, I began to think Renney probably is making the right decision.

...when Mara comes back, I think Strudwick should sit, Mara and Malik should be paired up and the Staal/Rozsival pairing should be reunited.

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bpette02 said...

You gotta leave Staal with Rozsival. Malik should be playing as few minutes as possible.