Friday, November 2, 2007

A View from the Blues

At, Nancy Koenig gives an account of her experience in the 400s section (formerly the Blue Seats) at Madison Square Garden during a recent Ranger game.

"The various sections of the 400s are filled with some of the loudest, most vocal, tell-it-like-it-is fans you will find in the game. To catch them while the Rangers are at their best is to absorb some intensely infectious and intoxicating energy."

...Koenig's account is so true, the real Ranger fans are the ones sitting in the 400s. I have season tickets in section 420 and it is an amazing experience every game.

...the old school season ticket holders will definitely tell you the section is not nearly as rowdy as it once was. At the Maple Leafs game Saturday night, when a Leafs fan gave us the finger when his team scored, an old school guy said if that happened twenty years ago the Leaf fan would have left in a body bag. But in a nostalgic moment, one of the guys had enough, went up to the Leafs fan and said "If I see that finger one more time I will break it off." Although it maybe a little reserved, the Blues still got it.

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