Sunday, November 4, 2007

Slam-Dunks During NHL All-Star Weekend?

That's want James Duthie over at TSN is asking for...

We need to Globetrotter the Shootout.

It's time for a hockey version of the NBA Slam-Dunk Contest.

I want the most ridiculous "How'd he do that!?!" dekes, the sickest spineramas, the lacrosse-like over the shoulder flips.

I want celebrity judges with placards (Hey, I know a guy who could get Hilary Duff). I want screaming fans holding up "10" signs. I want more YouTube hits than D*** in a Box.

"Well, it's something that was brought up in our meetings," says NHL VP Colin Campbell. "We know we have to do something to spice up the all-star weekend to make it more exciting for the fans. So it's worth considering."

...I'll probably get a lot flack from the traditionalists, but I like this idea. A little spice never hurt anyone. I do think if given the opportunity players like Crosby, Ovechkin and Malkin could come up with some sick moves.

...I'm actually shocked to see Coli Campbell saying the league is actually looking into this. long as this idea is only for All-Star weekend, I can only see positives coming from it.

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