Sunday, November 4, 2007

Is this Marian or Marcel Hossa?

In asking this question, Victoria Matiash and John Pereira, Fantasy Hockey contributors to, wonder what is wrong with Marian Hossa at Marcel's expense:

Ms. Matiash notes, "Poor Marcel. He finally gets some fantasy attention, and it's all mockingly negative. As for Marian, he'll be fine. The Thrashers aren't bad enough to stop Ilya Kovalchuk from scoring (12 points), and the same will soon apply to Marian. "

...ouch!!! This analysis is way tough on poor Marcel. These two obviously don't watch many Ranger games (or any other hockey games) as Marcel has been a solid contributor for the Rangers. You won't always see Marcel on the score sheet, but you will see him on the penalty kill and digging pucks out of the corner. Keep your head up Marcel.

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