Wednesday, November 7, 2007

DiPietro Better than Lundqvist?

Newsday's Mark Herrmann feels that Dipietro outdualed Lundqvist last night...

..."Just taking the parochial view, though, the discussion usually starts with the Rangers' Henrik Lundqvist, who lately has been talked about as the best goalie in the National Hockey League.

No argument there, except maybe last night from the other end of the rink and the other side of the East River. This game belonged to Rick DiPietro, the Islanders' goalie who did just fine without having perfect vision"...

...again, I didn't watch the game last night but from the articles I've read today and the post game highlights I listened to on the radio it sounds like DiPietro made some amazing saves in the third period to preserve the win. Having said that, I would take Lunqvist over DiPietro any day of the week. While DiPietro has games where he is unbeatable, he can throw in the occasional clunker like we saw last week against the Hurricanes (6 goals on 14 shots). You rarely ever see that with Lunqvist.

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