Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rangers/Islanders Tied for 1st In Hummer Metro Ice Challange

The Hummer Metro Ice Challenge is a contest made up by MSGNetwork to see who has the best record in head-to-head games with the Rangers, Islanders and Devils. According to these are the rules: Each team gets two points per head-to-head win and one point per overtime or shootout loss. If your interested, here are the current standings...

Here are the latest point totals.

Rangers - 4 points
Islanders - 4 points
Devils - 2 points

...why in the world has MSGNetwork come up with this ridiculous idea. Do they not feel the games between these three teams are intense enough? I'm not a big fan of gimmicks when it comes to hockey.

...this is almost as bad of an idea as MSG's Hockey Night Live pregame show that previews all three local teams. Why in the world, would I, as a Ranger fan, care how Mike Sillinger is feeling before the Islanders take on Columbus. Give me the old pregame please!!!!

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